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How to Kill Two Presidents

Written While Max Brower was a cross country truck driver, How to Kill Two Presidents follows former Secret Service agent Jimmy Chambers (now a CIA reserve officer) as he hunts a preternaturally cunning assassin who has already killed the President of the United States and now plans to duplicate his feat by assassinating the new President...



Angel Face


Max Brower’s (writing as M.C. Lee) first professionally published work introduces the world to  J.J. Door, a new kind of detective. Published in the May/June 2017 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

"The Trials of Writing at 65 MPH"


In this non-fiction article published on "Something is Going to Happen" (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine's blog site), Max Brower (writing as M.C. Lee) discusses the techniques and processes he used to write "How to Kill Two Presidents" and "Angel Face" during his long, hard hours of being a cross country truck driver. 

The Conundrum of the Cabletow


In Max Brower’s (writing as M.C. Lee) first non-fiction published work, he explores one of the deeper mysteries of Ancient Freemasonry. Published in the September/October 2014 issue of Scottish Rite Journal


Cabin 325
Represented by The Sara jane Freymann Literally Agency, New York 
Word Count 80,000


Why would a popular suspense author deliberately book a haunted cabin for an ocean cruise? Author Johnny Rey Brower is looking for something different, a change of pace and venue, to jump-start the creative process on his next novel. When he discovers haunted cabin 325 on the Ocean Star, even though he’s never really given the paranormal much thought, the idea of writing his novel in a haunted room appeals to him. Little does he know that the reality he is about to face will be more terrifying than anything he could ever dream of for his novels…

The Cross
Approx. Word Count: 100,000

Written in the style of "The Long Walk" and "Death Race 2000", The Cross was began while Max Brower was still in High School and completed shortly after graduation. The novel remains unpublished.